Zero-Air Generators

In our Zero-Air Generator compressed air is filtered and cleaned, to remove Water, oily residues and dust particles, before it passes a preheated catalyzer. The catalyzer oxidizes hydrocarbons to Water (H2O) und carbon dioxide (CO2). Afterwards, the clean air is cooled by a heat exchanger. A downstream filter removes the water and other residual particles.

The process is controlled by a microprocessor to guarantee optimal operation conditions and excellent performance.


Table ZA1: Models Zero-Air Generators
Model Gas purity max. Performance [ml/min] Gas pressure Dimensions HxWxD [mm] ***
GAZ01 HC < 0.05 ppm 4000 up to 9 bar 400x550x134  
GAZ02 HC < 0.05 ppm 8000 up to 9 bar 400x550x134  
GAZ03 HC < 0.05 ppm 16000 up to 9 bar 400x550x134  
GAZ04 HC < 0.05 ppm 32000 up to 9 bar 400x550x134  

*** more details and special designs on request

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