Used Generators

electrolyser model Mercury G2AR

performance Hydrogen:

0.50-2.00 Nm³/h

performance Oxygen: 0.15-1.00 Nm³/h
gas purity: 99.5% oder 99.999%
operating pressure: 4,8 for both gases
available accessories: Gas dehumidifier for H2 und O2; purification unit for catalytic removement of H2 in O2 stream and vice versa
Applications: protective gas atmosphere for thermal annealing processes, torch brazing, manufacturing of gold, silver or platinum; processing of glass, etc.
note: The electrolyzer was used for the preparation of high purity H2 and O2 in a process development project for about 8000 working hours. The warranty for the electrolyzer's stack is still valid for another year.
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