Storage of renewable energy

Modern power generators, producing electricity from renewable resources, like photovoltaic solar power plants, or (on-/offshore) wind power stations share the same drawback:

They provide huge amounts of electric power, but very often at a time, where the electricity network or the customers have no use for it. As a consequence, wind power stations are “turned off?? not to glut the grid. The cost-effectiveness of the power plants becomes drastically reduced leading to financial disadvantages.

To solve this problem, the excessive current can be “revalued?? by producing hydrogen or oxygen, to use it for production processes like brazing and soldering, metallurgic processes, plastic processing, etc. to achieve much higher profits than with a low feed-in tariff.

Another possibility is to produce hydrogen and oxygen via electrolysis, to store it, and to re-supply the grid with power produced with modern fuel cells (see scheme below). A very important plus factor is, that the produced electricity is carbon neutral.


Scheme for possible applications of hydrogen and oxygen gases for their utilization as storable, renewable energy

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