Hydrogen and Oxygen are the first choice for gases used for brazing metals. The manufactured goods show much better qualities than comparable products that were treated with standard acetylene and oxygen mixtures. Another important advantage is the much lower price for the gas that is produced from our hydrogen-oxygen-generators via electrolysis. The gas generator also saves a lot of space, as no storage area for gas bottles is needed.
The potential field of application is manifold, reaching from smaller hand work placec to large scale, fully automatic brazing machines.

Essential advantages by using Hydrogen-Oxygen-Generators for brazing:

  • No carbon/soot in burnt gas
  • Very good and clean flame—no contamination of air in the work shop with down gases
  • The reducing hydrogen flame eliminates oxidation - subsequent cleaning
  • Reduced costs: the use of a hydrogen-oxygen-generator can save costs up to 60%
  • 1,5m3 Gas (hydrogen + oxygen) costs 5,2kWh electric power and 0,8 Liter water
  • No gas storage is required — the gases are produced at the moment of use in the required quantity
  • No change of gas bottles - no storage of dangerous gas cylinders
  • Gas flux delivery tank available as accessory
  • Hydrogen-Oxygen brazing can be used for almost every metal-compound with highest quality. Also Alumina (heat exchanger, solar collector,...)


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